YouTube Monetization

YouTube approved us for content monetization. I think this means that our videos would have ads (?), not sure. But, I don’t want to turn it on if the community doesn’t think it’s a good idea. If we commit to using the revenue as part of the open market $eRSDL purchase program, can we turn on that functionality? Thanks for your feedback. -howard

Turn it on, regardless if you use any of the income to open market purchases. I can’t imagine it will be a significant amount, you aren’t making entertainment.

I think it’s a good idea it’s not going to be much
But whatever is going to be there
Open market purchase and burn

Are you being serious you have no where near enough views to earn anything

Regardless of what it were to generate, we want to make sure decisions like this consider the token holders perspective.

I don’t mind either way - it will generate literally pennies per month though.

Ads are fine, I don’t think people will think anything of it.