Worried about the TG group being muted

I thought this was a ‘community project’? This worries me slightly

Also, why has UnFed not deployed on Avalanche yet? Was talked about weeks ago

The forum within the unFed ecosystem strengthens this as a community project as is gets us closer to being a full DAO.

We are in discussion with a few L2 solutions, including Avalanche. There are changes that are taking place first but hoping to integrate soon.

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Now UnFed wants to be a full DAO? I thought Howard just discussed on a recent TH how DAO’s prove problematic, especially in light of the recent Compound bug/hack that cost them millions and time to patch through a drawn out vote?

Re: Avalanche you wrote, “There are changes that are taking place first but hoping to integrate soon.” What does this actually mean?

I like the idea of this forum and how it’s kinda anti spam& scam proof. But I wish it was more active and all of us communicating more

Btw great job to Mr. Krieger & associates

I have raised the hit and miss nature of community involvement in some decisions in the past, however the telegram channel being removed I was in full support of. Telegram in general is an awful space in crypto. I would have left the group months earlier if it wasnt for the mods taking no prisoners with nonsense comments. You only have to pop into the unfed unofficial groups to see the damage that these types of groups can do. Discord and the forum work much more efficiently IMHO.


I foresee top projects having something of a bicameral DAO… ideally a similar separation of powers mutually respecting each other’s proposals, but both need to accept. Wide open possibilities, but the Forum is a core component. Relying on third party systems for official engagement is problematic.

Thanks to those who have joined up.

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