Why have the UnFed mods been let go?

I’ve just left discord as it has become useless. Why have the mods been let go?

Is this yet another misstep of Unfed? I’m really starting to believe Unfed does this on purpose.

Perhaps it’s a funding issue so they don’t have enough to pay them? UNFED isn’t really generating any revenue, I’d guess they’re trying to cut costs as much as possible

Not to mention they spent money on those Twitter reply farms, which aside from being a complete waste of money because they could be spotted from a mile away, might have also cut into their discretionary spending for things such as mods.

With the focus on delivering instutional customers to RL+, and the decent nature of the extant community, we didnt feel the ROI was there.

Sad to see the degens from unofficial taking over the abandoned Discord. Why keep the Discord open without real mods when you can’t guarantee the keys?

It is an interesting question. Im curious as to thoughts around reopening TG also. A lot of people still come to projexts through those vehicles.

So would you leave both opened, yet unattended.

Or lock down both?


It’s probably unwise to reopen TG and leave it unattended. Perhaps visit the unofficial TG channels for an idea of what may happen. Resources (be it paid or voluntary) would be needed to moderate the channel if you are concerned about the public image of what would be an ‘official’ UnFed channel of communication.

Then how 'bout pausing discord and see what type of volunteer mods step up?

I‘m afraid, but with all the paid mods gone, you don‘t have many options left. You‘ll either have to pay for 24/7 mods enforcing the keys or you‘ll pay by loosing your reputation, because when and not if the unofficial degens take over official channels, it‘ll cost more than the mods before… maybe not in cash.

I am also thinking about the reverse due diligence the reserve lending plus entities will do.

That’s a good point.

The Discord looks polished, and it would be great to show that off. The current status quo in there is good with the volunteer mods, albeit a bit quiet in terms of traffic. Also, Transparent Accounting is a channel that RL+ clients should see - that’s not possible in a Telegram-only approach.

Now that the dust has settled after the start of year drama, perhaps it’s worth experimenting with Telegram, while keeping Discord open. Now there is some time to smooth things out before the RL+ entities start their due diligence.

Well, they have already lost their reputation, so that is a sunk cost.

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