Who would I talk to about being unbanned from discord

I asked a few questions last night, and then I was banned. I would like to be unbanned if possible so I can continue to support the future of the project.

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Hey there, what is your Discord username?

I’ll check in to see what the ban reason was and if we can substitute it with a timeout for a day or so (providing it wasn’t anything major).

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thanks, Its MAC#5227

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Can i get an explanation for my being removed as well please… Paul McCarthy#2135

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Hi Paul, I’ve seen you around on the Discord and you’ve been generally quite respectful. I have replaced your ban with a short timeout.

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Hi, i was also banned recently and would like to know why I was straight banned rather than given a timeout. (Zero warnings where given to me - others where given many warnings and even timeouts)

I’ve been a supporter and holder of the project and active discord community member. I hold my hands up and was disrespectful follow the recent situation, and in reflection I acted out of character.

I’d like to be put forward for reentry.

Badboybandit (quite fitting name… lol)

Please? :slight_smile:

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Can a mod plz unban me from discord? My name is Honch0#9072. I was banned for posting a meme in the meme channel.

I would like to listen to the AMA on Thursday, so plz consider that I’ve been banned for over a week. Perhaps an additional timeout isn’t necessary?