Where is the community engagement?

Title says it all. Howie and Unfed ask the community to use this forum as a means of communication, then they completely fail to participate or interact here.

There’s been some absolutely monstrous events that have transpired recently, and the unfed team just acts as if nothing has happened.


I, along with almost every other ersdl holder, have NEVER seen this level of disrespect, and tonedeaf communication, from a crypto team before. Howie you and the team come off worse than actual rugs.


This is your legacy Howie. I hope you’re proud.

If you want any hope at all of salvaging this wreck, you need to completely turn around how you operate, and QUICK.

I believe the reality is that this project was overvalued when it first passed around 15-20 cents.

Think about it… there wasn’t any utility of the token until recently with RF and the advent of ersdl serving as Digital Markers. 1000% apy and 40b thru the pipes were statements that took off like wild fire and caused a crazy spike in social media interactions and the name “ersdl” was everywhere. Also keep in mind the VAST majority (90-95%) of crypto holders just got into it in the past year. So they saw a cool sounding name, “defi for banks”, and a low price, and thought it was a great buy.

Given the market conditions last year, we experienced such an increase in volume due to several factors but primarily hype and social media interactions. It’s no coincidence that when someone like Logan Paul mentions ersdl on his podcast the price ran from about .60 up to $1.70 in a couple weeks. It was really a perfect storm leading into the RL debacle that encouraged “nefarious actors”.

The lack of engagement recently is probably because of all the fud and toxicity, and rightfully so, I mean when a founder dumps his bags on the community (for whatever reason) that is a huge red flag for any investment. I’ll leave it at that.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting Thursday’s AMA to determine my thoughts moving forward. I expect Howard to demonstrate his leadership prowess, or lack-thereof.

Let’s discuss this on the AMA this week. Thanks again, howard