Welcome to unFederalReserve Forum

unFederalReserve now has a Forum in order to build a sense of community and create a positive, thriving environment for communication and feedback within the unFederalReserve ecosystem.

The Forum will offer a more curated opportunity for dialogue, and therefore welcome our community members from Telegram, Discord, and Wechat as well as new members from other social platforms. All users are able to read the forum, but must register in order to create topics or provide input.

This forum is for YOU, the community.

We look forward to hearing what’s on your mind!

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Agent, Bias (@CryptoBiased) reporting… :wink:


Welcome all to the new forum.


Hi all, hope everyone is well.

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Woohoo! Love a nice forum!

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Love the new discussion forum. Feels warm and fuzzy already lol

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Welcome everyone to this awesome new forum :clap:

Thanks for joining! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what this community can create together!

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