Update April 2022

We had a company-wide meeting today to discuss the last quarter, and our successes, failures, etc. I’ve pasted in our Medium roadmap 2022 article ( ) and commented on how we did versus those line items. Feel free to comment here and/or in Discord.

Timeframe (est): the next 60 days…

  • Create permissioned core unContracts (the “Core”) - complete
  • Create a username/password 2FA interface - complete (open: 2FA testing)
  • Build out ReserveLending+ UI experience - complete
  • Partner with a broker-dealer to custody the Core - open. RIA/BD has to be specialized in banking the underbanked. These are few and far between. We have a most favored RIA we are negotiating with, and we are both negotiating with a SD qualified custodian. Their role will be an industry first and become the gold standard for how U.S. banking blockchain/smart contract custody roles should work in a decentralized framework.
  • Market to KYC’d entities through strategic partnerships with KYC partner platforms. - open. Securitize has not agreed to market to its clients our product without getting a significant share of the revenues. Honestly, we can hit them up through social, dial for dollars by speaking to the top 1,000 crypto holding companies in the U.S., or get Securitize to come around.

Please note: Industry competitors currently have $20mn in TVL after a few weeks post-launch. We estimate 10% of KYC’d entities will adopt eventually with an average borrow of $25mn over the first year of full operation.


Overview: ReserveLending (RL), a decentralized P2P (“DeFi”) protocol that allows crypto holders of certain tokens to Deposit, Earn and Borrow.

Timeframe: Current and ongoing

  • Calibration of stablecoin interest rate models to align with defirate.com metrics - open. We do have the models for each pair broken down and calibrated for RL+ to be highly competitive.
  • Collateral factor review and, for vote, possible adjustments - open. The platform has great liquidity. No reason to adjust these for the time being.
  • Maintenance, debugging and further documentation - complete.
  • Continued evangelism of market leading APYs - complete.


Overview: ReserveFunding (RF) is a DeFi to TradFi platform that allows cryptowealthy, U.S. citizens to participate in 506(c) alternative investment opportunities without having to sell their crypto. Our first fund, Atipana, was filled in December, and our new splash page encourages guests to select the types of funds in which they are interested, and allows funds to sign up to be considered for listing!

Timeframe: Late Q1 through to Q3

  • Gathering marketing data on selected fund types - open. sign-ups come in daily for the waitlist to invest in funds in the presented categories and funds interested in being offered through RF.
  • Creating fund acquisition pipeline from RF entrants - closed. We have enough funds interested in listing and potential aggregator agreements with Percent and Securitize to make a nice offering.
  • Maintenance, debugging and further documentation - ongoing

Enjoy the rest of the week. -howard