unFederalReserve Web page thought

I just really combed through the site for the first time in awhile, and it looks great! Definitely has come along way :joy:

I was thinking it could be beneficial to have a link to “purchase eRSDL” on the home page that linked to a section within the education center that provided detailed instructions on how to purchase the eRSDL token via links to Uniswap, Bitmart etc, and video on how to create a user wallet for Defi transactions.

Cheers everyone!


I am all for anything that helps increase the utility of the platform.

So, what about some fun aspects to go along with the business of crypto? So we have a video game a community member made: http://projetscrypto.com/

What if other activities were available like this? I remember Orbitz, the travel website, had something similar ages ago.