Town Hall Discussion 3rd November 2021

If you have any questions, put here anything you would like Howard to speak about here…Will be easy to navigate. Hopefully he picks questions up from here easier


Just a general update on things discussed here on the forum as well as discord.

  1. Any feedback on the token burn/ distribution as this has been talked about quite a lot now in the forum. I feel the community would just like to know what’s happening.

  2. Howard’s opinion on the idea someone suggested regarding tiered benefits for Ersdl holders. It adds utility and encourages holding larger amounts to get better yields. Is this something that would be considered?

  3. General updates on the road map and possible time frames(no exact dates, just nice to have a rough idea).

  4. I believe there was a vault mentioned at some point. Is this still happening and is there a rough date/ update.

  5. A bit of a technical update to give a clearer idea if all the stuff behind the scenes/ regulation etc are going well or have there been unexpected problems.

Last of all, I just want to say thanks to the team for all the hard work. I look forward to following the project on its exciting journey.


The things I’d like to hear about most (aside from exciting secret alpha :wink:) is:

  1. Tokenomics model for the bought back tokens - this is a big piece of the puzzle for prospective investors looking at the value proposition of the token.
  2. Clarification that Institution to Institution Lending via crypto rails is still the main focus as I think this accidentally came into question last town hall and it rattled a lot of investors.

Can Howard speak about Galaxy Digital ? I would like to know more about new partners


1.How close is RF to being launched?
2. How many have signed up to RF?
3. Whats the expected target of sign-ups to RF?

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Would love to hear howards or the legal teams take on this approach to the licensing fees. Implementation of each proposed strategy and the potential downsides/upsides from his point of view would also be a joy to hear!