Tiered benefits for ersdl holders

Thought of an idea to add more utility to ersdl token. Reserve funding could introduce tiered benefits in terms of higher % yield for ersdl holders. countless projects had success with this model and i think this is a great way to add some benefits to the community.


I remember I asked Howie this in this discord months ago and he said he was open to the idea, so I hope it becomes reality.

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Starting to see more ideas in general fly around but a number of them are followed by exactly what you mentioned, mentioned it to Howie in discord and he was open to the idea. I would love if these ideas were collated into one place where the can be tracked. Some ideas might not be a runner right now, or may not ever be practical for one reason or another. Having them all tracked with a comment from the team on them would be great. These can then be referred to over time and underpin future community votes on some of the suggestions.

Just need some ownership from someone to track them and we can push things on from there. Happy to do it unless one of the mods would prefer to manage it.

Also just to add this is something done very successfully by Swissborg.

They have an excellent setup where the CHSB token when held and locked up for a period of time will reward holders with higher yield on other assets. This could create a mechanism where other products on the platform that generate a yield, award higher % when eRSDL tokens are locked up on the platform.


Do you use GitHub in your daily life for anything? The ideas from these forums become tickets in our internal boards… Maybe there’s some way, if there was a public Github just for ideation in a Kanban style, but at a much higher level, that would give the community a sense of progress.

@blckchn , is something like this possible as part of our effort to increase regular dev communication…? … would be great to have a link to that public board via this Forum

We really want all ideation from Discord to migrate here, so I would make the ‘easiest’ access through here… and (utility idea) maybe a link from the homepage that only works if you have ersdl in your wallet.




This sounds good. I am fairly familiar with Git hub from being involved in other projects. Agree that high level is all that is needed. If we had the idea, comment from the team and status that would cover most things.

In addition to a greater awareness of progress, comments back on the suggestions (positive and negative) should contribute to a higher quality of suggestion in future as people develop a better understanding of what is realistic/possible.

Tiered benefits dependant on your Ersdl holding/ lock up would be a great idea that would certainly add a lot of utility to the coin and I’m sure would increase popularity.

I use the Crypto.com app. I’ve got the Jade green card as staking for that gives a better % return on what I hold in the earn account. That’s the only reason I hold CRO(their native token).

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