Supply / borrow spread on unfed for crypto assets

Why is the spread so high? Take WBTC for example, there is a 12% supply / borrow spread, with very low usage rate. That spread is 4% on aave and compound, who both have higher usage rates.

The fund is being used for stuff?

“While we are still working out all of the details, we want to invite our eRSDL holders to provide feedback on the existence of a reserve pool, potential uses, concerns, and overall sense of our commitment to continually improving the platform itself.”

Would love to see this explained in greater detail maybe with monthly updates on spending or at least accrued interest? :slight_smile:

@CryptoKriegerU now that you are active on telegram could you maybe do some actual work

Knowing that all of the protocol liquidations have gone to “rogue” agents is kind of upsetting, why havent we utilized the reserve pool and ran a protocol based liquidation bot. Seems stupid that we have been feeding into a select few wallets all of the previous liquidations when we could have at least been competing for and then allocating towards our goals. The new “buy the bank” probably could have been bought n paid for with the cascades on the lending platform over the last year.

I remember mention of use of the reserve pool to borrow n loop chainlink to provide apy to the token on the platform but no real numbers or returns. It is a bit of an ask if the data isnt available but hell even a casual link to the medium article i cannot seem to find :*(