Suggestions to help the team to fix the utilization of the pools

It has been a few months since the apy rates were changed in the stable pools and it doesn’t seem to have done the job of lowering the utilization keeping people stuck on the platform.

There may be some suggestions from the community to try help get this sorted since some of us have seen and had a good play with defi over the last year+.

I would suggest modifying the apys the more the utilization like the below image of another compound fork platform:

Ive monitored this for a while now and any time the utilization enters the steep curve up…it makes people make decisions quickly.

I’m only suggesting this because your telling us we cannot start marketing without some changes. I am borrowing USDC and wouldnt like these rates but i’m pretty sure id make some decisions if I seen the rates creeping up like this.

Again your call but would like the team to reiterate why you may be against using jump rates like the above as I have mentioned it quite a few times now. (If you are against it)

Again just trying to get the ball rolling with thing’s to help move forward. I also understand your fully into RF right now.

If anyone else has any suggestions please say

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Toggle Off/On Stablecoin Borrows?

The beautiful thing about crypto’s transparency is we can see who is doing what. Even post announcement that the CF in the legacy pool are causing institutional crypto liquidity management companies to have second thoughts on supplying USDC, we saw large holders siphoning off additional stables as they became supplied. I do not challenge anyone’s right to make money or make the best personal financial decision for themselves… just describing the observation.

What if we toggled off borrows of stables so that supply could come in without risk of being siphoned off? Utilization rates would fall to something more normal, ample liquidity would exist and then we allow people to re-borrow (presumably with the eRSDL legacy pool CF adjusted.)

There is a risk that the very patience stable suppliers use the opportunity to take out their supply under the new suppliers, but that’s okay too… the medium term (month or so) obvious economic benefits of being a supplier in a USDC pool at high APYs with no risk of additional borrows siphoning off that additional supply should get the gears unstuck.

LET’S DISCUSS HERE and then put to a vote. Sound good?

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you need to get listed on defirate, loanscan and defipulse

If people see you at the top of the list on each of those sites with 28% lending rates they will come flocking. that’s literally all the marketing you need


You have a product, you WANT people to use your product. Trying to stop people from borrowing is counter productive to the point of a defi platform. Say we continue your line of reasoning, what happens then after you get people to reduce borrowing and people lend? You tell people to continue to stop borrowing? Or do you tell them to go and start borrowing again? It’s a redundant circle and you shouldn’t impose conditions to encourage people to stop using your platform.

Let people borrow, and market the rates of your platform in the proper channels so you can get people to lend.

If MUSHROOM FINANCE and COIN RABBIT can get listed on loan scan, you guys have ZERO excuse not to be listed there too.


I tend to agree with you. We’ve got one of the most competitive & greatest APY of the market, but only the people who know about unFederal Reserve know it.
A small marketing push could make many many steps forward for RL.
I’ve heard that a Marketing plan was inc for RF, but it would be a great idea to integrate some $ allocation for RL also, for a harmonious growth.

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