Ryan's future with Unfed

Wondering what’s been decided with Ryan and his future with Unfed. Thought I can’t seem to find the original statement from you saying he was on a 45-day leave of absence, I know it’s been past the 45 days. Considering what happened and his struggles, I think current/potential investors would like to know what’s been decided.

Thanks for the follow-up. Your timing is excellent as I’ve just returned from S.F. visiting with Ryan.

He gave me the keys to all his crypto including his eRSDL and also every other token he holds. Those keys are all in a safe deposit box. All corporate wallets have been multi-sig for a while, and that will remain the case.

We decided, collectively, that he will not be returning to his role as CTO as Vlad and WebDevelopPro (https://webdevelop.pro/) have exceeded expectations keeping development progressing (and advancing in some ways faster than we did before the year-end events.) Ryan will have a continuing absence from the project for at least the next 45 days, but will likely remain a key advisor to the project thereafter. There is no replacing his expertise in the space; crypto and engineering.

There will be no official announcement tied to this matter, and I address it here out of courtesy. This is one of our key principles after all. Have a great night.


Hey Howard, I personally must commend such a bold step from you and the balance by which you have handled this. I was one of those that felt that community interests had not been taken care of re:this issue. Its one thing to acknowledge things went wrong, but even better when such corrective steps are taken.

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