ReserveFunding Splash Page

Please click the link above to see initial design for ReserveFunding.

Community feedback is welcomed and appreciated!!!


Kudos to the team for putting a great page. The responses (and the response rate) will definitely provide insight. Tell a friend!

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Cool. Can’t wait for launch.


Great job to the developers and team for this. Looks great!

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It looks great! Very clean design


Great response so far from a variety of different personas. The folks that fill out the splash page will be qualified to be selected for the first DeFI → CeFI product. Their responses and ability to verify some of the data provided will also play into that outcome, but in general, great to see folks use the tool.



I’m just curious who in the crypto/defi space wants more exposure to traditional finance? Most people are in defi because they don’t want more or any tradfi exposure…It’s easy to get exposure to traditional finance assets if a person wants it. Who is the target market for this? Is there a market for this? I don’t get it. What am I missing here?

Two objectives.

  1. High net worth crypto holders are looking to maintain higher yields, diversify into non-crypto correlated investments without triggering a tax event, and lock in a return for 6mos to 2yrs.

  2. Alternative investment opportunities, mainly stemming from non-bank lenders need for cheaper liquidity, provide the easiest path to institutional blockchain-based treasury product adoption.

Once we provide the Fidelity like experience to invest in crypto and non crypto investments, the nonbank lenders will be easier to ‘sell’ the institutional DeFI experience in a manner that does not impact their workflow today.

Most non bank lender treasurers are working with 3 sources of liquidity and a spreadsheet. We have to match that experience as opposed to thinking someone is going to change how they do their job to transition to our rails.

Takes time to build, but will be worth it. Hope that helps.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks for responding so quickly and thoroughly. I’m excited to see all this unfold. I appreciate your accessibility and being so active in the community. Keep up the great work!

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