Proposal to re-open the telegram (poll)

Hi everyone,

What do you think about re-opening the Telegram open chat ? In my opinion, Telegram is one of the main source of information for many blockchain investors / retailers.
I absolutly get the main idea that on Telegram, great discussions might be lost between two memes. I also get the fact that the moderators have right now other focus (even though it was perfectly managed… cheers to “PM” & “Sam” on Telegram)
I also underline the fact that the discussions are smoother here thanks to the forum.
BUT having both ways of dicussion (the “fast” way on TG / the professional one here) could be a way to increaze the ‘good overall’ community feeling (if that’s done properly, ofc !)

For example, I am sure that some members do not know about the fact that they have to switch contracts(for those who aren’t on the forum & do not have Twitter) & still do not know about the tx refund.
The French Community has its own Telegram; we set rules on it, and it is working well. And many FR members get the latest news on Telegram (relayed by some members). Today, one of our member just swaped his eRSDL from the old contract to the new one thx to the Telegram chat.

Here is what I suggest :

1)Re-open the Telegram, remove the “official” tag & name it “community group”. Clarify in the welcoming page that the team won’t reply there - but is managed by choosen community members (2-3 from U.S / EUW / ASIA to cover the whole timezone… how about ambassadors ?).
2) Every weeks the community members can share a “Telegram Feedback” (in the Forum, category: other | feedbacks) with the main subjects covered by the community.

What do you think of this idea ?

  • 100% yes
  • Yes, but under conditions
  • Not right now, but could be great in the future.
  • No, let’s keep it this way.

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Hey there,

Just to give some insight from a moderation perspective. I found that Telegram had a lot of people impersonating staff and attempting to scam users.

Since moving to Discord, this has reduced by quite a bit. We do get the occasional person trying to imitate staff however it’s less than before and having dedicated channels setup to report this has also helped.

My two cents on the matter, I prefer Discord - it’s easier to have discussions in and the ability to have channels is a lot more useful for me personally.

The team have kept the Telegram channel open for announcements so people on that platform can stay up to date - however the team are actively encouraging people to come to the forum to discuss ideas that they may have.

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