Poloniex Listing

Hi Team,

Is the Poloniex listing a rumor or something the team has enacted? I saw them tweet eRSDL has been listed.

I did some digging and read that Poloniex is not available to US traders, is that the case?

Thanks for clarifying!

I believe the exchange listed the token on their own accord.

They are a Tier 2 exchange, so it’s another place for people to pick up some eRSDL.

In regards to the last point, I am not entirely sure on that one.

They listed us but because our ticker has a lowercase “e” the ersdl/usdt(?) pair doesnt work. We’ve been waiting for months for them to fix, and now they are telling us late next week. But, dont hold ykur breath.

Not sure on U.S. regs and what have you. Definitely dyor.

Hm, do you know what a ersdl/usdt pair is?