New Look, same name $eRSDL


This is absolutly awesome ! Great work & development, we’re moving the right way. :ship:

Howard, if you read this (or if anyone can forward to him). Is it possible to get more enlightenment about the “Galaxy Digital” partnership ? Looks extremly promising…

Keep up the great work.

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Great site! Would be great if the URL’s to each DEX auto-connected to trading the eRSDL token vs. going to the main homepage of Sushi, Uni, etc. – trying to streamline newbies to finding the token and auto-linking to the eRSDL token would be very helpful.

Will Howie be able to discuss each ‘Inclusion’ member and specify what the relationship is? It’s hard to discern from the new website what these relationships and the TH would be a great place to describe if these are partnerships or more.

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