Introducing the unFed Ambassador Program

Hi Guys,

What I am going to query below may already in the works but if not Iโ€™m keen to flag it now as something that could be of use to ambassadors once they join.

Bit of preamble. I have see a number of ambassador programs that have being nothing more than a way of rewarding those that drive social media engagement to people already in crypto. While this in itself is not a bad thing, when speaking to a number of these ambassadors their understanding of the project was at best, poor and at worst, people running armies of twitter bots.

With this being a SAS company that happens to use blockchain to provide its service, the ambassadors to me will act as introductions and lead generators across their perspective jurisdictions and/or industries.

What I would like to see is the following:

  1. Introduction to middle market lending. How it works, terminology, history.
  2. Full detailed training on how unFed products operate. Full process map from onboarding client through to exiting.

This is to get all ambassadors (who are interested) up to a minimum level of understanding of both the product and the market it operates in and allow them to represent the organisation confidently.

After consistent performance:

  1. Opportunity to complete accredited course in Sales, Middle market lending/corporate lending or another course deemed beneficial to the organisation. (Paid or part paid by unFed)
  2. Create a path for ambassadors to move into business development, relationship management role with the project. Compensation can be directly salaried or commission based.

So lots of gaps in the above but tried to keep this short. Interested to hear the opinions of others on this. What do people feel the role of an ambassador should be?



These are some great ideas. I agree that even more than just the Saas aspect (anyone can understand software licensing), its the concept around being a bank oneself thatโ€™s important. Also, understanding how many, many people being a bank concentrating their capital on a single fund, gives that crowd tremendous power and opportunity. And maybe itโ€™s not just paths in BD, but also marketing Ops (e.g. conference attendance on our behalf), hosting crypto clubs, etc. Good message and weโ€™ll see that some of the thoughts get incorporated into the final program.

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