Howie, we, the UnFed community, demand EQUAL treatment

As we all know by now, Howie is in a secret influencer chat room. In that chat, he provides information and communicates to insiders in a manner completely different than the way he speaks to the public at large. People that have sincere questions about UnFed are banned from the discord, and it is clear by his verbiage in the chat that Howie views our desire to be more knowledgeable about what’s going on with the project as an attack/slander.

All we want Howie is for you to be truly what you claim to be, transparent. The empty rhetoric won’t stand anymore. You’ve said before that we are all in this together, please prove that to us.


This seems very clandestine at first glance but i can assure you it isn’t. I am in that group and I’m definitely not a crypto influencer. I got added just by asking someone on Twitter for an invite. I certainly haven’t noticed any real difference between Howies very occasional communiques in that group and the way he speaks to the community on discord and i certainly haven’t seen any privileged info from Howie mentioned there.

Yeah, the unFederalChat channel is something we set up in the wake of the run on the platform post launch. We found our messages werent getting face time, but this group of OG agents could get the word out.

I occasioned the group, but yes, it no longer served its purpose. I tried to shut it down, but oddly, even though i made the darn thing, no way to turn it off. I muted convo.