Future of Unfed?

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I understand at the moment there is alot of FUD and price action is obviously reflecting this FUD, what are peoples opinions on the future of the project?

Is there a future, is the product still effectively working?

I have convinced other people to invest when price dipped from its ATH, obviously since then price has fallen to cents

Is anyone hopeful for the future?


Hopefully WAGMI

As of right now the team has pivoted from their original b2b premise since they couldn’t attract any institutional interest. Howie is currently trying to push a defi → cefi approach, but there isn’t a market for that, as investing in cefi is already completely accessible for the masses, and there isn’t a demographic if people that got into crypto, and now all of a sudden want to switch to trads.

So in summary, Howie has changed the plan of the company, and is currently trying to stay afloat as none of his products can get traction. Throw in the debacle of their CTO being a drug addict and dumping 1mill+ of ersdl at the bottom, without any real comment from leadership, and you have the debacle we are currently seeing.

As of now, the project is pretty much dead with no future. Perhaps Howie can comment, but despite his insistence on using the forum as a means of official communication, the team is pretty much completely absent here.

BTW - there isn’t really any FUD, it’s just literally bad things happening with the project.


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Would love to hear if Howie has a rebuttal here, I got on board in the first place because Howie was obviously highly knowledgeable in relation to finance & i believed he had a good vision for where things were headed obviously we have had a few set backs, targets were missed etc…

I believe that eRSDL’s future at this stage depends entirely now on Howie getting clients in the door & using the product, without this the project will die a quick death, I know from the AMA, Howie has an approach, i would like to see him comment on that approach here, if only for to put peoples minds at ease.

In relation to the issue with Ryan, I get the impression that Howie feels he cant get rid of Ryan for a few reasons
-He mentioned he’s a genius in relation to Blockchain technology so i think howie believes it would be a major loss to Unfed
-He is probably likely good mates with him and feels its unfair to cut him out of a company he co-founded & was barely getting paid a weekly wage for
-Howie seems like a seriously nice man, for Ryan to sell at the bottom something must have been very wrong with him, it really doesn’t add up, this leads me to believe that Howie doesn’t want to turn his back on him, the delay in responding to the issue in the first place was probably howie trying to find out the absolute correct reasoning as to what occurred.

I am down so much on eRSDL now that i am in it either until zero or until we rocket up. Its a shame where the company is at now when there was so much hope previously.

I feel like Howie is an absolute stand up genuine guy and i am willing to back him, i can only imagine the hardships he must be under having to deal with a community which is slowly turning on him and the abuse that stems from that. Having to juggle work and Home life commitments, which is hard enough at the best of times for the regular folk working a 9 to 5.

Saying that i do wish the team had more active communications with the community, seems like nobody barley answers on here.

Lets hope this can be rescued from the Fire.



It’s been very clear that they can’t get b2b clients in the door, which is why they pivoted to something no one cares about, defi → cefi.

DeFI adoption among institutions is slow going. And doing so in a regulatory compliant manner is even more challenging.

From 17k impressions around four (4) ReserveFunding (defi->cefi) tweets, about 10% engaged with about a quarter of those filling out the early sign-ups. Which, for doing so, put them first in line to participate with Atipana… I’d encourage folks that haven’t done so already, to go through the process and let us know what you think.

The pipeline for funds is now forming with the option to sign-up. By expanding our relationship with Securitize, Fireblocks and DocFox, we hope to see b2b defi between crypto native institutions (as opposed to teaching tradefi about defi). But, it’s not going to happen overnight.


So you are confirming that the original premise of using defi for b2b cash lending markets in tradfi is done for?

And why exactly do you think a crypto native institution would need a solution for using defi? They’re a crypto native institution, they know how to use DeFi Howie!!

I recommend going through our medium posts on ReserveLending and ReserveFunding. The information found there address your questions, I believe.

I think he’s referring to RL+, which is a precursor to RB2B. I think RL+ is B2B for crypto native institutions. Then down the road, RB2B will be between TradFi institutions. I’m not 100% sure though, it’s been getting a bit confusing lately…someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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UnFed was originally targeting small lending institutions, and you said now it is crypto native institutions. Is this a complete pivot?

According to Howie they are not targeting TradFi institutions anymore, but crypto native institutions. I would simply like to hear him directly state that they have changed their goals as to clear up this confusion.

Language and semantics are very important to me, and something that 10yrs in consulting really train you in a skill to which one must adhere.

TradFI institutions are joining the RF waitlist, and the plan there is to help them secure capital so that in return they are provided incentive to use our blockchain based technology for other aspects of treasury, cash management. This remains unchanged from RF’s original strategic objective. We have a lean canvas on this also, that I’ll see about getting posted.

Getting crypto native institutions, some of which to be clear are TradFI-Crypto hybrid entities, to participate in RL+ is an easy way to get TVL from customers who’ve already indicated interest or are participating on AAVE Arc… or other DeFI platforms. The “B” in RB2B does not necessarily need to be U.S. non-bank lenders, but certainly those non-bank lending/TradFI entities (including opportunity funds and direct lenders) are the most desirable due to their sheer balance sheet size.

I wish I could host a series on the way financial markets work and the various layers and intertwining of commercial businesses, retail consumers and the markets that create the fabric of the economy. I think that is where some of the confusion comes from. Said another way, without a background in capital markets, the extent to which leverage, processing costs and payment latency result in direct costs to consumer are difficult to derive through intuition alone.

Very excited to see our progress over the next 60-days!


We know that you have TradFis involved as opportunities for investment from crypto users. The whole point of the critique is that we don’t care for crypto → trads money flow, ESPECIALLY as an investment vehicle.

No semantics or rhetoric can muck up that people have been very clear about their expectations in the project, specifically with how it was described to us in the beginning. This pivot so far has not been a part of the original thesis.

To put it succinctly, we want trad money going INTO crypto via unfed. That’s it. That’s literally it.

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Agreed. The TradFI into DeFI acquisition funnel we are seeing is more costly and will take longer than initially targeting crypto-native entities to participate in RL+. This is an ‘and’ proposition and not an ‘or’ one. Frankly, once the KYC provider is selected for whitelisting, the entities solicited to participate will be somewhat decided by the role the KYC provider intends to have in the process. We are increasing the KYC provider’s utility since providing KYC is not a growth business, and I want to see which of the notables will lean in to promote our product. Once that occurs, then we have the starting population to work with, and unqualified leads to pursue … Thank you for the feedback.

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