Formal development tracking / progress document

Hi All,

I took a bit of time to reflect on the town hall last night and the reaction from may on social channels as well as went through both the questions and answers from the short AMA last night on Discord. Few thoughts below along with a suggestion.

Nature of the issue:

  • The crypto industry is fast moving and driven, for better or worse, by the news cycle and the release of “Alpha”. If there is no major news, or substantial news is released without enough weight being put behind it, its creates a sense of a missed opportunity.
  • Expectations of attendees rooted in old road map targets and statements such as 40billion through the pipes by Q4 are no longer applicable. Clarified by Howard in last nights Discord AMA.
  • Lack of understanding of the work being done in the background, its complexity, purpose and timeline. Linked to the first point where people feel nothing is happening which is not accurate. FinCen as an example was flagged over the last few town halls and then confirmed today. Not enough emphasis was put on what this means to the project and it passed allot of people by.


  • Creation of a document housed here on the forum that acts as a mini project plan.
  • Outlines all the key targets in the road map that are being worked towards.
  • All historic targets or statements that are no longer relevant need to be addressed and put to bed.
  • Each activity that is no longer a priority (statement of the unnamed bank MOU not being a priority at the moment flattened allot of people). Provide context as to why they are not currently a priority.
  • For each target, break it down into milestones and, where relevant, sub activities that will allow people to understand the overall plan at a glance as well as see timelines for completion.
  • Update and release this monthly initially on Forum and then through social channels.

Next Steps:

  • I am happy to build and maintain a document capturing the above. (Equally any of the community managers could take this on)
  • Agree with team on top level topics to be included with relevant milestones.
  • Replace one town hall with this the release of this document.
  • Second town hall can be used as normal but with an AMA to discuss the comments that have been updated to the tracker.

The aim after all of this is to end uncertainty on the direction of the project. End chatter on topics that are no longer relevant or being worked towards. Greater understanding by the community on progress, targets, timelines.

As always feedback welcome positive or negative.



I think this is an excellent idea. One if the things that I struggle with on this project is, there’s a lot of information about progress, partnerships, priorities, changes in timelines, etc. That is scattered around multiple different communication channels and not repeated or summarized in a central location. I really like the idea of a public facing document (or forum thread) that lists the short and medium term strategic priorities with status and updates.

I understand that not everything can be communicated in real time, but if we can know what the team is prioritizing and general vague status of these objectives, this would be a very positive improvement over the current communication channels.

I’ll add that I’ve seen a lot of feedback regarding the townhalls not being so beneficial. I tend to agree. They build up this sense of hype every 2 weeks, there’s sort of this ‘countdown to TH’ that ends up building up false expectations. I think if the team has substantive updates, dropping twitter posts, medium articles or even YouTube video updates can be done in ‘realtime’ unscheduled and without ‘pre-announcement’. I think if we reframed the TH into a direct Q&A, without the “wait till you see the alpha we drop next week’s TH” this would make this activity less of a rollercoaster for the community.


Agree with allot of what you are saying. These updates don’t have to be exceptionally detailed but are a great way of setting things out clearly for the community and ending allot of the repetitive queries we see on social channels and in Discord. Also it would provide a more structured monthly town hall where targets can be mentioned, movement of timelines etc…

Next step is to get support from the team and start to build this out.

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