End of Quarter progress update

As we enter a new exciting quarter could we get a little update on progress.

Q3…Obviously some things may be delayed (or may not) due to the recent changes which had to be addressed but how did the team get on with Q3 targets?

If some things have been pushed back to Q4 this is fine as it potentially makes for an explosive Q4

Q3 on the road Map

  • MVP with Partner non-bank lenders
  • Apply for multi-jurisdictional regulatory licenses
  • Use DeFI platform to fund CeFI entities
  • Creation of a KYC/AML only fork of ReserveLending® (new ReserveFunding product) with perks for volunteering to get KYC’d
  • Implement strategies for putting excess supply to work in DeFi and a never been done CeFi (USA regulatory compliant) yield strategy
  • Manually process cash flows and replace them with pipes
  • Start repurchasing eRSDL as ReserveFunding non-bank lenders start shadow licensing our platform to access liquidity
  • Be in Top 10 TVL consisting mostly of stablecoin ($100mn)

If we can get a very brief Yes or No to each of the points by the team or a member of the community this would be great.

Additionally any missed goals which have been delayed, changed or pushed back…
(maybe an amended updated road map to be updated to the website)

Lastly do you see us hitting the majority of the upcoming Q4 road map?

…Lets discuss :+1:


Hmmm maybe you haven’t gotten a reply yet because it will be addressed at the TH

Howard said on Discord last night that this topic would be addressed on the town hall today! Hope to see you there.