Community Charter

A frequent question that pops up in discord and on social channels is around the role of the community when it comes to the decision making on the project.

Howard has addressed this in Discord on a few occasions but there is no permanent record of this. The team have been referenced as custodians of the community but this doesn’t really resonate with people or provide clarity on their role.

I propose we draft a community charter which outlines the expected community role, team role, areas of responsibility etc… This will include clear separation between the different entities within the project and which ones the community will have a role in and which will not. This can also be reviewed every 12-24 months to ensure it is evolves as the project does and remains relevant.

This will provide clarity on the community role, set expectations and ensure that anyone getting involved in the project will understand how they can become involved prior to investing. Informed new investors is what we want.



I love this idea! Let’s do it

If the community can draft a charter, then we can have put on official letterhead and held for vote.