Can we make proposals and vote on the outcome of our CTO?

Seems like we should be using our Howie given rights to vote on the subject instead of conjecting on the subject to adversarial ends. Maybe if those who want him removed come up with a proposal detailing the replacement process, and goals for replacement while those who wish for him to remain give us an outline of his return, and wallet structure going forward. Seems like a doable task on the matter. I dont think a flat yes or no without true use of our DAO would be conducive to community trust or the corporate structure moving forward.

I was removed from the discord, its not like meaningful information is being passed through any of the available channels, so I dont know of any new NEW updates beyond the recent AMA. The lack of preparedness from the team in conveying their stance and status has been abysmal. Howards comments about pto and lack of accompaniment at the AMA just scream interior disputes, then to add a cherry on top the mass exodus of the moderation from discord and assuredly the forum. Also embarrassing that the contracting dev team has done more to reestablish community sentiment via suggesting that it be paid out a % in ersdl than the founding members in this time of crisis really says a lot.

I know my stance on the subject would be to stop sugar coating our current status and take the kid gloves off with the community, If we were meant to be a DAO out of any other reason than a hype word money grab we require to be informed to make meaningful and impactful choices. If an entire product line is being curbed n side railed for a new revamped v2.0 we deserve to know the failings of the last, the market expectations we failed to meet, where we can improve and/or realign our efforts. I dont see how we can do anything but give up until an interim CTO or crypto guru comes along to change our tone or direction. Putting the project on another hiatus seems like a potential death kneel, without knowing more. The reassurance that Howard thinks about us before he sleeps is nice but id rather it wasnt a one way street and we could do some worrying outside of just price action about the protocol.

When daemon mention unanswered questions and Howard shrugged him off these are part of what he was referring, along with a good deal of other voices from within the community. see also

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I agree, this really needs to be put up to vote.